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Founded by a passionate group of animal lovers, Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon is committed to creating a serene and enjoyable environment for dogs during their grooming experiences. We understand that grooming is not just a routine but an essential aspect of a dog's health and happiness. Therefore, our mission is to merge care, expertise, and love to cater to the unique needs of each furry friend.

Wylie Shen - Asian fusion dog style groomer

Wylie Shen & Bomi
Groomer/ artist/ entrepreneur/ creator

Wylie Shen 

Founder of Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon 

Meet Wylie Shen, the heart and soul behind Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon. In 2013, her journey in animal rescue began in China, rescuing stray cats and dogs. Graduating from the Animal Behavior College basic groomer course in 2017 and the 4 Dog Grooming Academy in 2019, specializing in Japanese-style pet grooming, Wylie has become a grooming maestro.

In 2023, Wylie's dedication earned her the 3rd place at the Groom Expo West Rescue Round-Up grooming contest, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

Wylie's vision for Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon goes beyond grooming. It's a shared space where she and her dog grow together, spreading love to other canine companions.

Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon: Where Passion and Style Unite 


We're based in Huntington Beach, serving Fountain Valley, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Westminster, and Garden Grove.

Japanese Asian fusion dog style grooming
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