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Dog Haircut

“Love-Infused Grooming, Artful Styling: Crafting Canine Elegance with Heart and Precision”

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Our specialization lies in Japanese - Asian Fusion dog grooming, where we artfully craft the most suitable styles for every dog, ensuring they not only look their best but also feel their best.

Asian fusion dog grooming

1 on 1 hands-on Bathing class

This class welcomes dog owners of all levels of experience. We will learn to bathe and brush your dog properly, and also will help you better understand, here is how we bathe and groom your dog.

Pet Groomer
Asian fusion dog grooming
At Unicorn Pet Grooming Salon, we strive to go beyond the conventional grooming experience. We embrace innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of the bond between dogs and their families. Our dedicated team of groomers is committed to providing personalized care, creating a harmonious space where each dog can relax and enjoy the grooming process.

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